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The Matses people have been living in the rain forest in Brazil and Peru for thousands of years. They are know for their discovery of substance on a giant leaf frog aka giant monkey frog. They extract poison from its back and wait until it dries. It is then rehydrated when ceremonies take place with water and/or saliva. They burn their skin on purpose and then put the poison on those wounds to quickly get it into their system.

They claim that this gives them energy for days afterwards that is needed for successful hunting sessions. It has been discovered that the frogs poison also contains deltorphin which kills pain. People from all over the world have started to study these people and this medicine called kambo. Please visit matses.org to learn more about these fascinating people.

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Information about strategies to age well and live a long, active life. These include eating well, exercising regularly, looking after one’s body, and giving up habits detrimental to health. Informs on age-related diseases and prevention, keeping mind and brain alert, and looking younger.

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