Take Care of Your Skin and Your Skin Will Take Care of You.

The skin is an organ – the largest one in your body. It’s always renewing and repairing itself by replacing old cells with new cells. Dead skin cells would otherwise build up and prevent the skin from getting air and removing unhealthy waste.

Oil can build up and can result in acne mostly when we are young. Dry flakey skin often happens as we get older. Dermatologists have studied skin extensively and know how to prevent common problems and diseases that have plagued so many. Keeping your skin clean and protected from the sun is essential if you want your skin to be healthy and look good as well.

Many people are concerned with how they look in public and will spend crazy amount of money and time mostly are their face, arms and legs. These areas of the skin also can get more sun exposure, dirt, and grime. Something that is often overlooked until it is too late is maintaining a good weight. Obesity can make the skin stretch and wrinkles as well.

Many people swear by tried and true remedies are much less expensive than those you can buy from a specialized store’s cosmetic services and products. Using natural and safe ingredients is very important. Here are some popular home remedies for common skin problems:

Dry and Chapped Skin – Saline baths – several pounds of table or rock salt disolved in warm bath water can soothe and remove dry, itchy skin. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes and then work some seed or olive oil into your skin.

Steam rooms and small humidifiers can keep your skin moist and prevent problems that occur when it’s hot or when the heater is on inside the house. Believe it or not, exercise and at least 8 hours of sleep is not only good for your skin, but also for your overall health.

Instead of harsh chemicals and soap, mix flour and cream together and work that into your skin once a week or so. Extra virgin coconut oil or butter is commonly used by beauticians and those in the know. Skin that is red and damaged by too much sun exposure can be relieved with over the counter Aloe Vera leaf juice.

Wrinkles – It is always best to limit the time your skin is in direct sunlight. Find a quality sunscreen zinc oxide and UV-B ray blockers. Some believe that foods high in antioxidants also help to keep your skin healthy when it gets a little too much sun.

Primrose oil can renew damaged skin cells and keep skin from getting dry. Some skin professionals recommend using a mixture of egg whites and almond flour. Rub this into your dry skin and face quickly rinse and dry your skin. Castor oil is commonly used on the face, arms and legs. Finally and maybe most importantly a heathy diet, exercise and drinking plenty of liquids throughout the day can keep your skin in tip top shape. Collagen supplements and/or bone broth is something many swear by who have some of the best looking skin on the planet.

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